Payments & Donations

Click on the logo or click HERE to log into your ChaverWeb account.

Event Registration, Donations, and Payments

ChaverWeb is a new online system which can help you better connect with the FJCC community. On ChaverWeb you can:

  • Enter and edit your personal information and that of family members. You get to  control what information can be seen with others.
  • Check your account and pay your temple bill.
  • Make donations.
  • Sign up for events and check on those events for which you have signed up.
  • Find other FJCC members in the directory

You use your email address and a password you select to log into ChaverWeb. Current members should have been assigned a temporary password when the system was implemented, so if you never got that notification, or misplaced that password, you can click on the link at login to get a new password sent to you.

Please note: Although each parent can use their registered email to login to ChaverWeb you share the same password! If you change your account password, please be sure to share with your spouse/partner.

If you are having any difficulties logging in to ChaverWeb, please contact the office.

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