News and Notes

A note from the office
The best way to reach the office staff is via email, phone or Internet.  
Masks are available and social distance should respected at all times.   Please, follow any instructions provided at the synagogue!  
Everyone – stay safe and stay healthy.  

Effective immediately, only fully vaccinated individuals are allowed in the sanctuary/social hall for services, onegs, and kiddushim.
A Zoom option for services is available to everyone.

Service Times

7:30 pm Friday evening Kabbalat Shabbat 
9:15 am Saturday Shabbat morning
8:00 pm Havdalah Saturday evening (varies with sunset)
9:00 am Sunday Minyan

How to be a Pantry Kiddush Sponsor:

  1. Pick a Shabbat
  2. Donate $180 (or the amount of your choice) to sponsor your “kiddush” via the FJCC to the Flemington Food Pantry (or split between the Food Pantry and the FJCC)
Your sponsorship will be listed in News & Notes the week of your “kiddush” and announced during Bima Announcements to celebrate, to remember, just because!

FJCC Giving Garden

Get out of your house.
Come into the fresh air.
Make a difference to those in need of food.

The FJCC Giving Garden is entering our 7th season of providing fresh vegetables to local food pantries and we need your help. ·      

  • Planters
  • Laborers (Soil movers. Great exercise!!)
  • Waterers
  • Weeders

We also need gardening advice, contributions of mature and maturing plants, and dollars to enable our growth.
Excellent community service opportunity for high schoolers.

*** No gardening experience needed. 

“You must love the stranger, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.”

One of our neighbors, Pastor Liz Estes, has established a “go-fund-me” drive to support families in Hunterdon country who lack appropriate documentation. There are last count, 44 of these. They are scared, vulnerable, and in very dire straits. Please, go to Pastor Liz’s go-fund-me site and donate generously. If you remember, put “FJCC” next to your name, so people recognize our community. It costs $1,000 to support a family; please donate as much as you are able:

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